FAQs – officeBOX, Instant Retail Store Fronts & Coworking Day Pass

Remember: Today’s “Office” is not in the Edifice.  Its with you in your Device.  Why have fixed Overhead?

What is a Coworking Day Pass?

A Coworking Day Pass allows you to use our office space, on open table or individual private desks on an hourly or daily basis, during normal business hours.    You have access to use our High Speed and Secure WiFi, Print copies (10-15 pgs, b/w), Fax/Scan, and have coffee.  You even have office staff assistance when our staff is free to help.

How much is a Coworking Day Pass?

A valid Coworking Day Pass is $35/Day from 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. You can also purchase a monthly Day Pass for $99/Mo. and can use the office space everyday.  Monthly Day Passes are valid from 1st to the last day of the month.

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What is an officeBOX?

The officeBOX concept is a Just In Time office solution that gives the ability to “Pay as you go”  for any office expense when its need arises thus reducing overhead significantly.
An officeBOX with us is a permanent Coworking Day Pass plus a Private Mailbox to receive your mail and packages with signature addressed as a street address with your own suite number.  This gives you Stability for your Mobility and anchors your entity to a physical address as a starting point.  From there you add whatever business services you need, much like toppings on a pizza.  Here are some advantages and options to attach your office with us:

officeBOX Advantages:

  • Professional Street Address with Your Suite Number
  • Ability to send and receive USPS Mail and FedEx, UPS, DHL and other courier packages with signature.
  • Option to add a Cheerful and Intelligent Live Receptionist to answer or forward your phone calls.
  • Professional and efficient private space with WiFi, Fax, Scans, Copy, and Print for use every day of the term
  • Access to discounted rates on Conference Rooms,  Training Rooms, and multi purpose use of venue (see below)
  • Ability to put your Company Signage on your officeBOX for your brand exposure
  • Become part of the officeLOCALE Coworking Group and arrange your meetings up to 45 people as an Event Organizer on our venue
  • Get massive discounts, up to 50% OFF on FedEx, DHL and USPS shipping
  • Get a full marketing solution for your company from website development to distribution of printed matter

How much is an officeBOX?

Minimum term is 6 months at $35/month. Or $210/6 Months.  You have an office space every day for the term of your private mailbox plus other business service discounts on FedEx and DHL Shipping and printing services.  Conference Rooms are available for discounted prices for officeBOX members.

Do I have to forward all my mail if I get an officeBOX?

No.  You don’t have to forward any mail to your officeBOX if you don’t choose to.  In fact you can give the officeBOX address to only a handful of your customers or vendors etc of your choice.  However, because you get a street address with mail shipping and receiving capabilities with us, we as a Certified Mail Receiving Agency with US Post Office, have to submit your formal I.D. information (USPS form 1583) to the USPS.  Other than that, USPS will never deliver mail here if you did not forward your address with them.

What kind of Mail & Packages do I receive with an officeBOX?

Receive anything from USPS, FedEx, DHL and UPS for your business.  Any courier that has a tracking number is also accepted at our location.  If you have clients that are dropping off items like documents or checks etc., are also approved on signing a release of liability or on the discretion of officeLOCALE staff.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up  by bringing 2 forms of valid identification to open your officeBOX.  I.e., Driver License, US Passport, Current Utility Bill, Government ID card, Birth Certificate, Vehicle Registration, Military ID.    Contact us using the form on the right or by phone (805) 777–8866.

Does Coworking Day Pass gives us automatic access to Conference Room Use?

No. You rent Conference Room access separately per the listed rate.

Does officeBOX Membership automatically gives us access to Conference Room Use?

You get 25% Off listed rates on all Conference Room use.

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How do we add Live Receptionists to answer our phones with our officeBOX?

officeLOCALE has a solid partnership with Ruby Receptionists to offer you high quality, personalized and live phone response for calls coming to your company on your phone number.  officeBOX allows you that option to have a discounted setup charge and monthly rate as a separate sign up.  Its a third party month to month term and can be cancelled any time.  Click here to add Live Receptionists to your officeBOX and read their terms.

What kind of printed matter is included in the officeBOX?

If you choose an an officeBOX packaged plan,Gold, Silver or Bronze, the printing options are listed at bottom.  You can customize the print media choices in those plans.  Discuss your printing needs at the service counter.

Who uses an officeBOX?

officeBOX is mainly loved by people that are establishing or growing as Start Ups, Remote workers, Freelancers, Independent Entrepreneurs, Home Based businesses, Students, and mainly Service oriented businesses.  Some careers that love the officeBOX concept are Architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, doctors,  general contractors, landscape designers, interior decorators, graphic designers and marketing companies etc.  With the rate of today’s disruptive mobility, every business needs an anchor for its stability.  officeBOX allows that flexibility without breaking the bank or losing your establishment’s credibility.

What is an Instant Retail Store Front (IRSF)?

An Instant Retail Store Front (IRSF) is a no overhead venue solution developed at officeLOCALE for anyone looking for an hourly or a very short term retail venue to sell, auction, trade or display their items without signing a commercial lease.  Its like having a trade show booth/boutique and a meeting at a retail venue on an hourly basis.

Who & What types of businesses use an Instant Retail Store Front?

Mainly online sellers and small home based businesses that want to display their items at a retail venue without incurring or committing to overhead expenses.  An individual can invite people online, on social media, or by private invitation, and have a meeting at our retail venue.  The foot traffic is generated online for the event. Some examples are: Artists selling artwork, small clothing boutiques, anyone selling items on websites like ebay/craig’s list who wants to save shipping and yet keep their business separate from home.  The possibilities are many.

How does IRSF differ from a regular business meeting?

There is not much difference between a regular business meeting and IRSF.  If your business meeting requires a more significant re-arrangement of furniture like putting up paintings on easels for your art gallery etc., or putting up a meeting on Weekends or beyond our regular Business hours (M-F 9am-6pm), it is an IRSF.

What are the Hours for putting up an IRSF?

Available hours are Monday-Sunday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.  Always check with facility to confirm.

How much does it cost to put up an IRSF?

The basic set up charge is $50/event plus your hourly rental rates.  Clean up charges are extra if applicable.

How does IRSF work?

Its very simple, like a regular business meeting. Visit the store to get approval for your items and to discuss arrangement for your store set up (We reserve the right to approve/disapprove store setups).  Once approved, reserve your times for your events on our online Calendar.

Can I charge tickets for my events?

Yes; as long as you rent the space you may charge whatever to whomever.

Can I hang/nail items on the walls for my events?

No.  You may not attach anything to the walls.  Sticky notes that leave no mark on the walls are ok though, but do get approval before putting stuff on walls.