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Live Scan Electronic Fingerprinting

Live Scan digital submissions provide the quickest way to submit and process background checks. Live Scan technology allows digitally scanned fingerprints and related information to be submitted electronically to the Department of Justice within a matter of minutes and allows criminal background checks to be processed usually within 72 hours.

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Electronic Live Scan Fees*

Livescan Rolling Fee   $35 per person
 Be aware that there may  DOJ/FBI fees that may apply. Please ask the requesting agency if those fees will be added on top of our rolling fee.
DOJ ( Department of Justice) Fee $32
To be paid at the livescan site, if applicable
FBI Fee  $17
To be paid at livescan site, if applicable
Mobile Services $35
Travel fee for 1 or more at an off site location ($35 base fee. Call for a quote)
* Please note, If you have a Misc. No. (Billing Number) on your Request For Live Scan Services Form, you will only pay our $35 fingerprinting rolling fee.* Our service fee for fingerprinting is currently at a discounted rate through our coupons page.  There may be a DOJ fee of $32.00 and if required, an FBI fee of $17.00.  Other fees may apply if mandated by your requesting agency.
**There may also be additional criminal history processing fees collected for the DOJ and the FBI for the background checks. While often paid by the agency requesting the criminal history review, some applicants may have to pay this fee so check with your requesting agency.

Traditional Ink Card Fingerprinting Fees

We provided ink fingerprinting by using traditional FBI approved ink.
Traditional Ink Card Fingerprinting  $35 per card
Mobile Services $35
Travel fee for 1 or more at an off site location
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