Photo Image Guidelines

Passport Photo GuidelinesSample Passport Type Photo

Swift Passport Services can size and print your passport photos for a nominal fee of $15.  When uploading your photo, please be sure to follow all of the guidelines below:

  • Photo MUST be taken up agains a white wall, with no obstructions such as windows, doors, brick, light fixtures, etc, please see Sample
  • No professional “headshots”- please face forward
  • Photo file needs to be uploaded as a .jpeg or .jpg file.  Other file formats cannot be properly formatted
  • No scans of photos already printed out
  • Have someone else take the picture of you; please do not send pictures you take of yourself. It is better for photo to be taken further back than up close
  • Photo should be taken from mid-chest up- leaving room above the top of your head in the picture with BOTH ears showing. No eye glasses is highly recommended
  • Ideally, photos need to be taken with a digital camera.  Newer iPhone, Android photos work well, however- OLDER phone camera photos often times are of insufficient quality to process
  • Please do not attempt to resize or format the photo in any way