CAD Design Assistance

officeLOCALE can assist you with CAD Drafting & Modelling services.  Some areas we can assist with is…

  • 2D CAD drafting services

  • 3D BIM Modelling 

  • CAD drawing production

  • Preliminary design layouts

  • Drawing digitizing

  • Drawing management services

  • Record/As Fitted drawing

Also, we are able to provide drafting services for…
  • House extension plans for Planning submission
  • House extension, remodel and internal space planning drawings
  • Plans for home electrical, plumbing and heating layouts 
  • Surveying and reporting on the condition of electrical, plumbing and heating services within properties

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Path to US Citizenship

  • Citizenship Through Naturalization
  • Naturalization of Spouses of US Citizens
  • Citizenship Through Parents
  • Military Personnel & Family Citizenship
  • Naturalization Test

Path to Green Card

  • Green Card Through Family
  • Green Card Through Job
  • Green Card Process