Birds of a feather flock together. Studies show that you are more productive and less isolated when you leave your home office to work within a community. AND 74% of our coworkers report an increase in their bottom line. Why use a coffee shop for your home base when officeLOCALE can provide you with a professional and focused environment for your business. And excellent coffee and refreshments, as well. Our affordable unlimited packages begin at less than $99/month.

“Increased revenue, reduced expenses, great working environment, and awesome staff. Thanks for all you do for me.”

Don Hoffer, Hoffer Insurance

Our awesome workspace  allows you the option of accessing the 24/7. Book meetings spaces with our Liquid Space App for so many different meeting/conference choices. And our members get 50% off our already competitive pricing. Our minimum booking for members is only one hour…not a 4 or 8 hour minimum!

You buy what you want, when you need it. Whatever makes sense to you. Spending the least amount of value to get the most amount of benefit! Our virtual address packages start as low as $55 per month. Our most popular plan is $89 per month and allows members unlimited access to coworking spaces! Our plans are flexible and fully customizable to fit your needs.

This is where the magic happens! Work with other successful and motivated members to make your business dreams come true. We host free networking events, promote our member’s businesses in monthly newsletters, weekly email blasts featuring community happenings, and electronic billboards.  Our members share ideas, ask and answer questions, share talents, tag team on projects and we even have members who form partnerships and companies with other members. These are the moments that create a Amazing Work environment.


Whether you need a place to hold a meeting, a mailbox,
or a voicemail for your business, we have a plan for you!