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Shared Marketing in a Shared Economy

March 8, 2019

When growing up as kids, we are told that “sharing and caring is fun.” Nothing can be further from truth when we have grown up a bit in size. As business professionals we must take heed from the wisdom of children. Ask a kid if he wants a toy all to himself and be left alone all the time, or play with that toy with his buddies after school. When we evolve as adults, we understand that toy to become an expense. We want to toy around with that expensive benefit, whatever that be, golfing, skiing, vacationing, opening a business, and so on; we would rather have a buddy share that expense so we can afford to have the benefit of that toy – the less partial the less affordable, the less fun.

Marketing and advertising in a small business is an essential business toy that is expensive. If you don’t have it, you will be left unseen, untold about and unheard of. If you do advertise, someone will always recall you in their “oh yeah, I have seen or heard it somewhere” ring in their ear. That’s where many referrals come. If you stop advertising after doing it, you become “out of sight out of mind” ghost of a business. So what is a small business to do when that expensive toy is out of the reach of its grasp? What is a new business or a real Start up to do? The same what a smart kid does when he finds an expense sharing buddy. Why play alone in business when you have so many options in this sharing economy?

officeLOCALE’s Shared Marketing Mailers offer one marketing and advertising solution for small, local yet unheard of businesses to get their word out organically and sensibly in the community. They take up to 10 business cards and put them on a common, shared, readable, high quality letter sized postcard for a tenth of the cost of what each business would have paid on their own to print and mail. Thanks to technology, the underdogs of the small business world now have a chance to be seen, heard and told about in the local community. There is a market for cheap price for cheap quality. But there is a bigger and better market than that. It is for better price for best quality. The most benefit for the least value. Savvy businesses will always find ways to save their cash flow yet keep their quality. They know unseen, untold, is unsold.

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