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Coworking Spaces are the New Black

October 27, 2021

The concept needs no introduction. It is a cost-saving decision; therefore, the process improves your company’s output and profit. This cost-saving decision implies you are taking the next wise decision to take your company to the next level.

Either a startup or a small project, coworking spaces, the share of a working place (shared offices) with multiple different companies, are on the rise. The reason? They take away the real state expenditures from the equation of the path to success. This allows to lay a profitable strategy for anyone with the entrepreneur spirit or anyone with a small project that requires a physical presence in an office. In both scenarios, this is a win-win relationship between officeLOCALE and our customers.

Numbers do not lie, the projected estimation of coworking spaces is deemed to double the figures of shared offices at the moment, and this trend went up at a higher rate when the COVID pandemic arrived, with more and more businesses needing a place for their activities.

The secret behind the excellent opportunity we can offer in officeLOCALE is that the rents are rising fast. With prices going as high as $88/month for only 95 per square foot (in Los Angeles), it is possible to have the same size for much less with a good arrange of services already included. Customized services are also possible in the shared offices, which makes possible and flexible any project you could have in mind.

People with online shops are perfect candidates for shared offices thanks to the flexible relationship between the price and the services provided, making this the ideal step to grow the size of their business. Still, it is not limited to these entrepreneurs. Companies as important as Facebook, Bank of America, HSBC, IBM, and others use and have used the concept of a coworking space because it allows them to pay less for what they need.

Technologies in Coworking Spaces

Technologies are also an essential trend in shared offices. Virtual offices and coworking places are two important aspects of this particular trend. These two concepts go hand in hand, and it’s almost an inseparable couple. Many different apps can improve the output, and everything requires a high-quality internet connection. officeLOCALE can offer this. Thus, every app available that can optimize the profit of your project can be employed efficiently. These apps like TeamViewer, access cards, time trackers, encrypted data protection, cloud services are all a must in the coworking space. Still, nothing compares to the virtual offices’ power once employed because they allow direct communication between the clients and the companies which use the coworking places.

In officeLOCALE, we understand this and can help you reach your ideal virtual office. Combining the budget-efficient decision of a shared office and the technologies we can offer, you will reach your full potential in your business in a short time.

We understand the necessities of our customers as if they were ours.

Final Words

The way to stay competitive has arrived, and has no plans to leave. Digital mailbox rentals, unified communications, phone services, coworking in shared office: the future has come. With this blog, we wanted to give you a glimpse of what is needed for a successful business. It is most certainly now that the decision is not about whether it is profitable to go to a coworking place or buy a place, now it is a question of when to make the smart decision and jump to the shared office train.


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